Gatlinburg Comedy Tours

the best way to experience gatlinburg!

​Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Where do the tours start and end?

    A: The tours start at Old Dad's General Store, 1127 Parkway in Gatlinburg. 

2. Q: Is there parking at Old Dad's?

    A: Yes, you can park at Old Dad's for free during the tour unless there is a Special Event.

3. Q: Do I need to purchase tickets before, or can I pay at the tour?

    A: You do not have to purchase tickets beforehand. However, purchasing tickets guarantees your 

         spots on the tour. You can make a reservation without tickets by emailing

4. Q: Do I need to bring extra money for the tours?

    A: For the "Standard" Comedy Tour, there is no need to bring extra money. For the "21 and Up" 

        Comedy Tour, it is recommended to bring extra funds. We will be stopping at several local 

        spots along the tour to experience some "local flavors." Most of these will have an extra 

         charge not included in the tour ticket price. However, you are NOT required to purchase

        anything on the tour.           

5. Q: I've bought tickets, what now?

    A: Once you have purchased your tickets, simply email 

        to reserve ANY of the scheduled tours. If you do not see a tour scheduled for your vacation 

        dates, simply just ask us. We will do our best to schedule a tour to accommodate you.

6. Q: Is the tour good for all ages?

    A: Yes, the Standard Tour is great for all ages! The 21 and Up Tour....well, 21 and Up.

7. Q: Do I need to bring anything else on the tour?

    A: If you want to enjoy some free samples, such as Wine or Moonshine, you will need to bring

        your current Driver's License. They will check.

8. Q: Will Alex be performing Stand Up Comedy on the streets during the tour?

    A: No. The tour is observational humor as we walk, plus some funny stories! Trust me, it's just 

         a fun time all around! will learn everything you need to know about town!

9. Q: What if I have a discount card or referral card?

    A: If you have a discount or referral card, please email 

        before purchasing tickets. We will then apply the discount before making your 

​        reservation!